History of Okuchi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

In August 1970, 11 Isa distillers (10 companies and one sole proprietor) merged and formed the Okuchi and Hishikari distilleries. Their goals were to raise the quality of the spirit, stabilize the market, and ship outside the prefecture. By integrating processes from production to sales, their efforts brought about an industry-wide alliance and unified the Isanishiki brand.

In December 2007, the group restructured into a corporation that has continued to today. The premium product Kuro Isanishiki, made with black koji, was developed and launched with popular appeal in 1987.

Okuchi’s brands include Isanishiki and Kuro Isanishiki, in addition to the Isamai private brand using Isa-mai rice. Sales are rolling out from within the prefecture to all of Japan. The local environment, with its natural amenities of high quality water and the right climate, is perfect for shochu distilling. Rigorously selected ingredients and raw materials, as well the fusion of traditional techniques and modern manufacturing, create a product with a deep flavor profile.

Enjoy the best tasting water.

Shochu produced in our factory uses spring water tapped from 100 meters below ground. (The same water is also used for manufacturing and for diluting the shochu.) Ozone sterilization is utilized as we resolutely avoid any chemicals. The water is delicious to drink and perfect for tea or for warming up shochu. At the entrances to our Main Factory and our No. 2 Distillery, we have placed wells that allow anyone to enjoy the water or take it home with them.

Concept behind the Company Logo

Our logo is a simple expression of the letter O at the beginning of the name Okuchi, while the background color harkens back to Okuchi town, famed for its water. This helps convey the nuances of strength, approachability, and energetic progressiveness in our corporate culture. Our logo is also imbued with the freshness and smoothness of water. The band across the bottom reads Isanishiki against a black background, expressing stability and trustworthiness. Enjoying many years of affinity, our logo hands down and displays our commitment to history, tradition, and the Okuchi business.