Unique aroma and mouth feel

Eiroku Nisai
Eiroku Nisai 1800ml 900m

Shochu has be produced in Japan for more than 450 years.

There are records that, along with documenting historical facts, also casually note the food our predecessors partook of.

The two Chinese characters reading sho-chu were inscribed on part of the brace of a pillar at Kōriyama Hachiman Shrine in Isa city. The brand Eiroku Nisai (literally, the second year of the Eiroku Era: 1559) shows that shochu already existed in this area approximately 460 years ago.

Hence, the name of our authentic shochu product, Eiroku Nisai, comes from this bit of graffiti made on the pillar of Isa city’s Kōriyama Hachiman Shrine and refers to Japan’s oldest record of this word. The product features a distinctive aroma and mouth feel distilled in the historic and naturally rich Isa Basin.

As an ingredient, it uses black koji processed by traditional methods, with a two-step process that yields a signature refreshing flavor from a technique called soe-koji.

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