Smooth body and umami flavor—that is Isanishiki

Isanishiki made with white koji
Isanishiki made with white koji 1800ml 900m

Beloved for 45 years

Made with white koji , Isanishiki features a general, unaggressive aroma, smooth mouth feel, and refreshing sweetness.

It is made from rigorously selected ingredients with the high quality and pure water that the natural environment of Isa is blessed with. Isanishiki is such a stalwart in the shochu market that it is nearly synonymous with the spirit.

Among saké known from antiquity as the king of elixirs, honkaku (authentic) shochu solely uses natural ingredients such as sweet potatoes.

Furthermore, recent research indicates that honkaku shochu contains many substances that activate bodily enzymes for dissolving blood clots, a cause of heart attack and stroke.

Satsuma Shochu prepared with carefully selected sweet potatoes and pure water, Isanishiki.

Drinking moderately and tastefully is the secret to maintaining good health.

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