An exquisite drink bursting with smooth flavor from the Kame Warehouse—that is Kame Isanishiki

Kame Isanishiki
Kame Isanishiki 1800ml 900m

Three Essentials for Kame Isanishiki

1.Aroma: savor the aroma of the aging pot

Using only raw shochu aged in kame (earthenware pots) produces a robust aroma. With just one sip, your mouth is calmly filled with a flood of robust flavor suggesting the words of an old familiar poem.

2. Technique: born out of a decade of effort

Working from the shochu crafting knowledge and experience generated over many years by our predecessors, today’s craftsmen have devised creative approaches as they preserve the flavor of Kame Isanishiki. At the same time, they continue to make on-going progress in order to deliver the elation of experiencing unprecedented taste. 10 years elapsed from the first prototypes to the time that we completed efforts to launch Kame Isanishiki.

3.History: compound benefits from leveraging history

Kōriyama Hachiman Shrine (Isa city) is the location where, on a wooden surface, the oldest expression for shochu was recorded. It is believed that the writing on this wooden tablet was made in 1559 (the second year of the Eiroku Era). If the word shochu had already become widespread by that time, it would mean that the spirit has been enjoyed from at least 460 years ago. We expect that the flavor, carried down with the long passage of time, has soothed spirits and refreshed lifestyles along the way.

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