Luxurious aroma—that is Isa Komachi

Isa Komachi
Isa Komachi 1800ml 900m

A potato shochu with a whole new feel.

Isa Komachi is a new style of potato shochu with aromatic hints suggesting flowers, tea, and tropical fruit. The ingredients use hama komachi, an orange-colored sweet potato and local Isa-mai rice for the koji.

The result is an innovative potato shochu with a deep, sweet aroma and a bouquet of soft, varied olfactory accents (including citrus) that arrive with every sip.

In developing the product, female staff members strove for a “shochu girl” approach that would produce a potato shochu appealing to women.

The 13% alcohol concentration allows the fullest enjoyment of Isa Komachi’s aroma in a spirit that can be casually imbibed after chilling. Isa Komachi is clean, light, and relaxing.

It pairs perfectly with dried fruit and other side dishes. Enjoy it however you like, including drizzling it over ice cream for an adult dessert.

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